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1 dozen farm fresh eggs from chickens that are not fed soy.

Pick up at the Paducah Farmers Market Only at this time.

Why soy free feed?

Eggs do not naturally contain phytoestrogens. They only contain them if the chickens are fed soybeans.

Why is this Important?

Can Adversely Affect Fertility

Studies show that diets rich in certain phytoestrogens reduce the occurrence of pregnancies in humans, California quail, deer mice, Australian sheep and cheetahs. In some of these examples, the removal of phytoestrogens from the diet caused fertility levels to rebalance.

In addition, exposure to genistein and coumestrol, two specific phytoestrogen compounds, early in life may contribute to fertility issues later in development. (1,2)

May Lead to Hormonal Issues

Some research indicates possible negative correlations, including a higher occurrence of boys born with hypospadias, increased use of allergy medicines, and more severe menstrual bleeding and cramps for girls. Again, genistein was identified as the most likely culprit. (3)

Potentially Stimulate Breast Cancer Growth

A study out of Canada found that low concentrations of phytoestrogens actually may make breast cancers grow faster, as well as inhibit the effects of tamoxifen, the drug used to treat late-stage breast cancer. (4)

Increase Risk of Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Another concern to be aware of is the possibility of mental decline in connection with consuming a lot of phytoestrogens. While the evidence remains inconclusive, research suggests a link between dementia and cognitive decline with phytoestrogen intake. (5)

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